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    Damaco positions itself within the Damaco Group as the most used brand and this within different product groups. Damaco is a food service brand that guarantees quality, sustainability and diversity. Damaco has currently developed into the 2nd largest brand within Damaco Group after Kipco-Damaco thanks to years of continuity and accessibility. Damaco is always recognized by its orange color in combination with our “triangle” in the logo.



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    Potato products

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    Fish & seafood

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    Convenience products

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    Bistro Belgique

    Bistro Belgique, the premium brand of Damaco Group, was launched as an A-quality product. Damaco Group thus strengthens its leading position with regard to "Premium" products.
    Bistro Belgique profiles itself as typically Belgian, which translates into the following values: "authentic", "pure Belgian", "modern" and "accessible in various cultures / regions". The black color of the packaging also emphasizes this distinction in the market. Through our distribution, our brand focuses specifically on both food service and retail in certain markets.

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    Potato products

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  • Al Raed logo

    Al Raed

    Damaco Foods Dubai has been selling a lot of buffalo meat on the GCC markets for several years (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).
    That is why we have decided to develop our own buffalo meat brand. In February 2019, "Al Raed" - which means "Leader" in Arabic - was born as our own buffalo meat brand. We produce various juicy pieces such as top, tenderloin, forehead, silver lace, steak and livers.

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