Last year, Félice celebrated her 25th work anniversary at Damaco Group. In her spare time, she tries to go for a walk now and then and her favourite treat at work is a piece of cake.

But are you curious to read the full story behind her career as logistic employee?

Félice Verschelde | Domestic department Kipco-Damaco

Hi Félice! Let's begin easily... briefly describe your function within Kipco-Damaco Belgium.

  • Logistics + additional administrative duties on the inland service.
  • Preparation of transport documents for the drivers.
  • Drawing up the weekly transport planning.
  • Taking orders and entering them into the ERP system.
  • Calling for orders
  • Follow up on empties, etc. ...
  • Checking the outstanding accounts of the customers.

How did you end up at Kipco-Damaco?

 I ended up at Kipco-Damaco in 1996 thanks to the fact that I knew Brigitte Callewier – co-founder Damaco Group -  and Iris Vandaele – co-owner and Commercial & Marketing Director Damaco Group -  from my other work, a meat processing company (production of pork ham & sausages).

Kipco-Damaco was a supplier there and when the company in Deerlijk was closed down, I took my chance to apply at Kipco-Damaco and that is how I ended up here.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Damaco Group family?

 It is interesting to be able to be part of a large group with branches in different countries. I had already worked in shipping (logistics) for 20 years.

The contact with people from many different countries makes the daily job exciting and extremely interesting, even if this is only for stress-resistant people. Now I work in the domestic logistics department, which is of course no less interesting, but it is a different experience. 

What aspect do you find especially fascinating in your job?

The variety in general. I really like working with paperwork. I also find the social contact with customers/suppliers/shippers etc. very relevant.

For me, efficiency/precision in my work is very important: if you have an administrative task, it must be done with the greatest precision.

Describe your best experience at Kipco-Damaco.

 The staff party for the 50th anniversary of Kipco-Damaco in 2014. Enjoying it together with my colleagues. Especially being together with the colleagues who have worked here the longest was also a nice moment. Kipco was founded in 1964 and with 3 people we were 50 years in this festive year.

The beauty of the job is also that you try to form a team with your colleagues, where you can count on each other. Without that spontaneous collegiality, it wouldn't work.

Group picture at the 50th anniversary staff party of Kipco-Damaco in 2014

What was your most difficult moment at Kipco-Damaco? 

Of course, there have been several difficult moments at times, that is unavoidable. There are times when things are a little more difficult, due to certain circumstances.

Describe yourself in 3 words :

  • Loyal, control freak, conscientious about work
  • Collegial
  • Understanding

Nicest compliment you have received from a colleague? 

That I am very conscientious in my work.

When you are not at Kipco-Damaco, how do you spend your spare time?   

 I don't have many hobbies: most of my free time goes to singing in a choir. I like to travel and to eat out.

I also try to go for a walk now and then. It brings peace to my mind.

Quick round of questions (answer with 1 word) :

  • Morning or evening person 🌞🌙 ? I think a mix of the two. I don't like to get up very early, but once up, I do get into action right away; I also don't like to go to sleep very late.
  • What is the object you can't live without at work : my computer 💻
  • Favorite treat at work : piece of cake 🍰
  • This famous person I would like to have as a colleague: That's a hard one: there are so many people who can fascinate me. 😅

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