Upon your arrival on your first day of work you will receive an informative brochure. This comprehensive summary contains all the necessary information about our company to get you off to a good start. It includes a look back at our history and mentions everything from our values, HR procedures and our attention to quality to our safety regulations and house rules. This is our way to quickly introduce you to our way of working as well as to the values we hold in high regard.

When you start working for Kipco-Damaco you will be assigned a mentor. During the first weeks of your employment your mentor will assist and advise you whenever it is needed, drawing from his or her experiences. This person is your first point of contact for all your practical questions and challenges. We find it very important that everyone  is passionate about their work, and enjoys working here. That is why we commit ourselves to continuously provide everyone with a good working atmosphere.

We attribute our success to our motivated employees. Without them we would not be where we currently are. They are the ones who keep our company spinning. New employees are initially expected to take their first steps within the company based on the combined knowledge provided by their immediate colleagues. Later on, as development and innovation continue to be key to our goals, you will always be encouraged to take courses and learn new things at every opportunity. If you take and use these opportunities, you, as a member of our international team, will automatically grow to be a true Kipco-Damaco ambassador.