Celebrating the Success of a Visionary Leader

On International Women's Day, we are proud to announce that Iris Vandaele, the CEO of Damaco Group, has won the "Strafste Onderneemster" (most successful entrepreneur) election in West Flanders organized by the news website ‘Made In West-Vlaanderen’. This recognition is a testament to Iris's outstanding achievements in business and her contribution to the local economy.

A Second-Generation Leader and Innovator

Together with her brother Bruno Vandaele, Iris is a second-generation leader of Damaco Group, a family business that has been a prominent player in the meat industry since 1964. Iris started working in the company in the 90s and has since then played a crucial role in the growth and success of Damaco Group. She has implemented innovative strategies, investing in new technologies, and expanded the company's global reach.

Iris's leadership style is characterized by her vision, her resilience, and her commitment to excellence. She is a role model for women in business and a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. She has supported various initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in West Flanders.

A Well-Deserved Recognition of Excellence

The "Strafste Onderneemster" award is a well-deserved recognition of Iris's excellence in leadership and innovation. It not only reflects her personal achievements but also the success of Damaco Group as a whole. It also highlights the importance of women's contribution to the business world and their role in driving growth and prosperity.

We at Damaco Group are proud of Iris's accomplishments and grateful for her leadership. She is a true innovator and a visionary leader who has brought our company to new heights. We congratulate her on this incredible achievement and look forward to achieving even greater success.

As we celebrate International Women's Day 2023, let's honor the achievements of women in business and recognize their crucial role in shaping the future of our economy. Let's continue to support and empower women entrepreneurs, and let's work together to build a more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous society.

Read the full interview with Iris in 'Made In West-Vlaanderen' here (dutch only)



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