[LOCAL PRESENCE, GLOBAL SERVICE] In this series, we would like to present the team members of all Damaco Foods offices worldwide. We asked them what our company values - performance, quality, together for better, commitment and fun - mean for them in their daily work life.

In this article, we present you Damaco Foods Brazil, located in São Paulo.

LARISSA (General Manager of Damaco Foods Brazil)

‘When I started at Damaco Group I was noticeably young, just 25 years old, and I can remember how excited I was about the opportunity to take over the Damaco Foods Brazil’s office. It was a great opportunity but very challenging.

Today, after 10 years, I still feel very challenged every week that starts, and I am still amazed by the great adventures we experience every day. No day is like the other, and that is exactly what fascinates me the most about Damaco Group. Working for a company of this magnitude is an honor and a constant learning experience.

Damaco is a company with differentiated values ​​such as Commitment, Together for Better, Fun, Performance and Quality, these values ​​are extolled in our daily routine and encouraged by our mentors to be followed with respect and seriousness.

For me, as a leader in the Americas, I find all these values ​​fabulous and inspiring. As an example, even in face of one of the biggest global crises that we suffered between 2020 and 2021 with Covid-19, all our offices and employees over the world remained 100% committed and united and even in the face of an uncertain scenario, we managed to grow and provide support with great quality to all our stakeholders, challenging all barriers and showing the world  that Damaco Foods is a solid company committed to its customers and suppliers even in difficult times.’

larissa balbinot damaco foods brazil
gabriela damaco foods brazil

GABRIELA (Logistics)

Gabriela started working with us in 2013,  she was only 19 years old back then. She wants to share with us her thoughts about the value COMMITMENT and what it means for her.

‘COMMITMENT involves dedicating yourself to a cause, and in my opinion this is one of our most important DAMACO values.  Commitment means working on what you want to achieve with determination and focus; it is a matter of responsibility. It is knowing and understanding that each one makes a personal difference as to the growth of the company. Regardless of the position you hold, commitment is the basis of everything. It is especially important to share ideas, thoughts and opinions and thus create a healthy and committed work environment. The individual commitment to a joint effort: this is what makes our team successful!’

ANDREA (Logistics)

Since 2018, Andrea works for DFB in the logistics department. Here’s what she thinks about our FUN value.

‘According to specialists in career management, good doses of fun and joy make professionals more productive; here we have it all. I can mention our celebrations of birthdays of the month, on which we have a special lunch. This is a shared joy and makes our work environment much lighter. Our DFB team is very united. No doubt my co-workers have become friends for life. A funny environment has the magic of making employees more dedicated, offering quality of life.’

andrea damaco foods brazil damaco group
homero brasil damaco foods brazil damaco group


Homero works in our Brazilian unit since 2017 and he wants to share his point of view about our TOGETHER FOR BETTER value:

“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much more” - Helen Keller

Teamwork makes the dream work. A strong team is made of diverse talented people: the virtues complete each other. In Damaco Foods Brazil we are glad to state we have this characteristic, we work in absolute synergy and compromise with each other, filling all possible lacks with the highest teamwork level.

Teams who work together need to know they can trust each other. That they can fall back on each other if the need arises. Moreover, when you build trust among teams, they give each other space and autonomy to accomplish their tasks and make their own decisions. Trust makes people feel safe. Consequently, they open up and flourish, which makes them discover their strengths and weaknesses. Employees are more proactive with their ideas, take risks, listen to each other and finally reach a consensus. As a result, there is more collaboration, communication and team members are not afraid to expose their vulnerabilities. This creates a much more productive working environment. Employees can acquire skills while developing their functions, resolve problems and conflicts, foster creativity and learning, improve company culture and consolidate the team cohesion.’  


Jessica started working for Damaco Foods Brazil in 2011, almost 10 years ago. No one better than her to talk about PERFORMACE value and its relevance as to DFB.

‘The pursue to excellence in business is what drives Damaco Foods Brazil. With work ethic, teamwork and high achievement mindset, our performance over the years is in a continuous growth, bringing profit to the company and results that impacts millions of people all over the globe with the food we trade.’

jessica damaco foods brazil damaco group
Jessica damaco foods brazil damaco group

ISABELLA (Logistics)

Isa works in the Brazilian unit since 2019 in the logistic department. She knows very well how QUALITY is an important value in our job.

‘Our team always prioritizes the exceptional QUALITY of our work. Our goal is to make sure that all our partners remember us, from customers to suppliers, and develop a prosperous relationship with our business. With this we guarantee the success of our partnerships and business to come.’

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