[LOCAL PRESENCE, GLOBAL SERVICE] In this series, we would like to present the team members of all Damaco Foods offices worldwide. We asked them what our company values - performance, quality, together for better, commitment and fun - mean for them in their daily work life.

In this article, we are proud to present you Damaco Foods Dubai.

IMAD (General Manager of Damaco Foods Dubai)

“I have been working with DG for more than 3 years. I was in touch with Damaco Group for a long time as I was handling the position of Regional Sales Manager with JBS Group. Working with Damaco Group means to me trying hard and accept challenges to reach the desired targets, believing in yourself and in your teammates will drive you through the toughest periods. Good and bad times exist in everyone’s life but the best thing is to learn from the bad times and to enjoy the good times.”

As a general manager, Imad wants to share with us his vision on the value “Together for better”.

“We are surrounded by thousands of successful companies in different fields. A lot of them were started by individuals and grew to become leaders in their field. An Individual by him/herself can succeed alone for a certain time but later there will be a need for additional people to continue the success.

Believing in team members and awareness of each one’s capability and focusing on the strengths that he/she has is the best way to continue the healthy work environment.

Each company’s work is a journey which is like flying an airplane, you will be having more than 50 people involved to fly 1 airplane and each person knows his own responsibilities and everyone trusts each other.”

RACHELLE (Finance Manager)

“When we are talking about commitment, it is something that we owe to the group and to ourselves. This is how we give our dedication to our responsibilities versus the company.

  • Working diligently with or without our superior around.
  • Safeguarding the interest of the Group.
  • Fulfilling our duties that make ourselves feel happy with high satisfaction means that we have fulfilled our commitment.

Struggles are a reality, most especially with the current situation but we will keep our commitment to our GOALS, to the Group’s GOALS, together we will be better.”

MANSOORALI (Logistics & Shipping Supervisor)

Mansoorali works for Damaco Foods Dubai in the logistics department. Here is what he thinks about our value “performance” :

“To be the ‘’BEST IN CLASS’’ is what drives Damaco Foods Dubai. Good is not good enough. We aspire to the highest global standards of service excellence. We have the passion to achieve extraordinary results by delighting our customers. Even during the pandemic, amid Covid-19 restrictions & global lockdown, our team has shown the highest level of commitment and performance to serve our clients. The team of 5 has outperformed 15.

Our core values make the expectation very clear to every team member. By following those values & by using those values as a guide on how to work with colleagues, customers, principles, we do it in a consistent way towards progress and we continue our business growth. With our standards, dedication & positive mindset, our performance is continuously growing towards becoming the best in Frozen Food Industry across the region.”

NANETTE (Administration Executive)

“The core value “Quality” means to me that we should proceed with precision, great care and attention to all details so we can work efficiently in order to achieve the goals of the company and to give the BEST satisfaction of services to the client, suppliers, and to my colleagues. And to have a quality value as an employee is like you have the supreme guarantee in your best work output.”

NISHA (Documentation & Logistics Coordinator)

“Having an environment with fun is an important variable that contributes to a great place to work

3 tips for fun at the workplace:

  • celebrate birthdays & work anniversaries
  • rejoice small wins
  • friendly contests

I have recently joined Damaco Foods Dubai. I have learned that a work environment with fun is much helpful in solving difficult tasks on time. Since I have joined the company we have celebrated Eid, birthdays, and work anniversaries which give me the opportunity to interact confidently with my team members. We work as a team at any time, even for celebrations or for resolving issues.”

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