[LOCAL PRESENCE, GLOBAL SERVICE] In this series, we would like to present the team members of all Damaco Foods offices worldwide. We asked them what our company values - performance, quality, together for better, commitment and fun - mean for them in their daily work life.

In this article, we are proud to present you Damaco Foods Poland.

DANIELA (General Manager of Damaco Foods Poland)

It’s my fourth year at Damaco Group, but from day one, when I visited our headquarter in Belgium, I had a strong feeling that this is a place to which I belong. I am happy to work in such an inspiring, supporting environment, full of positive energy. I was raised in the food sector and I literally sucked this in with my mother’s milk. Not surprisingly, therefore, that sector was always very close to my heart. Personally, it’s amazing for me to explore it now from the global perspective.

In spite of the fact that our 11 offices are spread all over the world, we are like one big international family. I spent my first year at Damaco Group in our Singaporean branch and then 1 year in Toronto. I am proud to be born and raised in Poland, but at the same time, I have always felt like a world citizen. Hence it is wonderful to start my day early in the morning with a quick chat with our Asian colleagues and top it off by checking the current market situation with our friends from Brazil. These opportunities allow us to build strong relationships and create a consistent business strategy.

Last year we opened an office in Poland. I am honoured to build a wonderful team in Warsaw. I still cannot believe of how amazing and talented people I work with. Personally, commitment and performance are closely related. I am fully convinced that we form a very strong team whose members are committed to a common purpose. This is of vital importance since only a truly solid team can achieve extraordinary results. In my humble opinion, our hitherto performance confirms how committed to the company we are.

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IWONA POMORSKA (Commercial Manager)

Together for better – The need for effective teamwork is of the utmost importance for any business. In DFP our team efforts are translated into growth for both clients and ourselves. Furthermore, being a part of a multicultural organization is a pure joy and represents an added value from an employee’s perspective.

As individuals, we all have different backgrounds, skills, experiences, tempers and talents. What matters is that we are experts in our fields. This all works in Damaco’s favour. I strongly believe that joining forces across sales offices and supporting departments can truly create magic. In my understanding, being aware of our own responsibilities and roles, as well as understanding the significance of our contribution, being open and communicative is the essence of seamless cooperation.

The thought of being relied upon by the Damaco Family drives us to share the same vision, values, and goals. A working environment based on fellowship, trust, support, respect, and cooperation inspires us to bring our A-game to the table and gives a greater sense of accomplishment.

If a team of ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results, let’s imagine what can be achieved by extraordinary people working together?

IWONA JANIAK (Logistic Manager)

As Plato says: Quality is a certain degree of perfection. Damaco Foods Poland in daily contact with suppliers and customers tries to understand the needs of our partners and strives for solutions (even unconventional ones!) that can improve our service. We sometimes laugh that impossible things are being done right away, for miracles we ask our partners and colleagues to wait patiently a couple of days. This is how I understand Quality - be the best version of yourselves and provide the best solutions for those who depend on you. In my point of view our partners appreciate working with us not only because we are great business partners, but also because we help them to simply save time. By doing impeccable work in production, sales, sourcing, purchase, logistics and accounting, we take a lot of burden off their shoulders and help them focus on developing their businesses. I can say the same about cooperation with other Damaco offices and departments - the better quality of work we present, the more support we give to our colleagues and at the end of the day to our Organization.

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MAREK (Business Development Manager)

Fun - Damaco Foods Poland has just had its first anniversary (oh yes, we celebrated!). For most of the time it was only Daniela and I (before both Iwonas joined). Building DFP from scratch was a tremendous effort, but luckily, our sense of humour guided us safely through this challenging time. At present, the four of us (the more the merrier!) don’t have any less work, but we do have way more fun. We spend together at least 8 hours a day; it is impossible to remain serious that entire time, is it?

Nothing works better in the middle of a stressful situation than a joke thrown in the air which often causes hysterical laughter but also clears our minds. In my opinion, creative ideas, thinking out of the box and finding the best solutions can only be achieved in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We cherish and celebrate little moments and occasionally, as our photos show we go a little crazy – it brings us together even more!

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