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Mechanically separated chicken meat

What is mechanically separated chicken meat?

Fan of chicken nuggets or hot dogs? Then you may have already unknowingly eaten mechanically separated chicken meat. This type of meat is produced by using high-pressure machines to separate the meat from bones and cartilage. Mechanically recovered or deboned chicken meat is a process in which the remaining parts of a chicken are taken after processing and separated into smaller pieces. In this process, there is almost to no loss of chicken meat. Every piece of meat is removed from the bones, including tendons.

The various applications of mechanically recovered chicken meat in the food industry

Mechanically separated chicken meat is a common ingredient in many food products because of its low cost and high yield. In fact, it is estimated that up to 90% of all chicken products contain some amount of mechanically recovered meat.

The benefits of mechanically separated chicken meat

One of the main advantages of using mechanically separated chicken meat is that it reduces waste. Instead of throwing away parts of the chicken that are usually difficult to separate from the bone, they can now be turned into usable meat. In addition, this process produces more yield with fewer raw materials than traditional methods.

In addition, mechanically recovered chicken meat is also a versatile and valuable ingredient. It can be used in a wide range of dishes. The consistency of this type of meat makes it easy to mix into different products. From sausages to nuggets and burgers, the possibilities are endless!

Moreover, because the mechanically recovered chicken meat is finely ground during the separation process, it can be easily incorporated into recipes without being noticed by picky eaters.