Frozen French fries and frozen potato products 

Welcome to the tasty world of frozen potato products, where the perfection of crispy fries and other delectable delicacies come together. Behind this culinary indulgence stands a company with an impressive track record: Damaco Group. 

As your supplier and partner, we feel responsible for delivering products that meet your requirements. With our brands Bistro Belgique, Damaco and Pico, we have a wide range of potato specialties that all guarantee success in your specific market. We develop flexible packaging solutions and support you with our technical know-how. 

With 60 years of experience, we have become a leading player in the food industry. From our core expertise in manufacturing frozen potato products, we have built a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for a wide range of international customers. With a global presence, we ensure that our delicious products and culinary creations are enjoyed by foodies around the world. 

Our range of frozen potato products and frozen French fries includes:  

  • wedges with skin (skin on),  

  • French fries steakhouse cut,  

  • hash browns,  

  • French fries 12x12mm,  

  • French fries 7x7mm,  

  • French fries 9x9mm premium crunch,  

  • French fries 7x7mm premium crunch,  

  • French fries crinkle cut,  

  • French fries 9x9mm,  

  • spicy wedges.

We work with a team of experienced professionals, ready to support you in discovering the perfect frozen products to suit your needs. 

One of the biggest advantages of frozen potato products and frozen fries lies in their longer shelf life. At Damaco Group, we freeze our fresh potato products and French fries as quickly as possible so that we can optimally preserve their nutritional value and taste. Thanks to this freezing process, essential vitamins and minerals are retained in our potato products and French fries. Moreover, all frozen potato products and French fries from Damaco Group are always halal. 

Be seduced by the irresistible taste of frozen potato products and discover why Damaco Group is a top-tier international food partner with unparalleled expertise and passion for the delicious world of potato dishes.