Poultry bonecake

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Poultry bonecake


Frozen Poultry Bonecake from Mechanically Deboned Poultry Meat
Ref 611
A Grade
Kipco-Damaco Brand

Ever wondered how poultry bonecake is produced? 

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Poultry bonecake Kipco-Damaco brand meat for processing
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    Frozen -18°C: Expires 12 Months from Production Date

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    • +/- 400kg Dolavs
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    400kg Dolavs Kipco-Damaco Packaging
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Poultry bonecake

What is poultry bonecake?

Poultry bonecake has been in the spotlight in recent years. This type of meat is created by processing leftover poultry that is usually discarded during the production process. These parts include skin, fat, bones, and other tissue that would otherwise be lost.

The result is a protein-rich product that can be used as a cost-effective ingredient in many types of foods. Residual poultry meat and poultry bonecake also has the potential to radically change the way we think about waste reduction and sustainability in the food industry. It is an innovative way to use every part of an animal while reducing our carbon footprint.

What is poultry bonecake used for?

Poultry bonecake is used for a variety of purposes, including animal feed and fertilizer. As animal feed, it is often used in animal husbandry and fishing (because of the high amount of protein it contains). Because poultry bonecake is a good source of nitrogen and phosphorus, it is also often used as fertilizer for garden and agricultural crops.

The quality labels of our poultry bonecake

Poultry bonecake is subject to strict rules and regulations to ensure food safety and quality. At Kipco / Damaco Group, this is no different. In addition to ensuring quality, we always make sure that our poultry bonecake is halal.