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Whole hen


Frozen Whole Hens
A Grade
Damaco Brand

Frozen Whole Hens A Grade Various Brands
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    • Frozen -18°C: Expires 12-18 Months after Production Date
    • Suitable for Human Consumption
  • Packaging
    • +/- 10-15-20kg Cartons
    • IWP in Bags or Naked & Trussed
    • Variable Weight
    10kg Cartons Damaco packaging
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Whole hen

What is a whole hen?

A whole hen is an adult chicken used specifically to prepare chicken soup. A hen is a laying hen that is between one and two years old, which is older than chickens used for meat production (broilers).

Hens have had more time to grow considering they were first laying hens. Because of their age, the meat is often firmer and has more flavor than younger chickens. However, the meat can also be tougher, which is why they are often used to make broth or chicken soup, with the longer cooking softening the meat while imparting flavor to the broth.

When preparing chicken soup with a whole hen, the chicken is usually cooked in water along with vegetables, herbs, and spices to create a tasty broth. After the chicken is cooked, the meat is removed from the bone and can be added to the soup along with other ingredients such as noodles, rice, or additional vegetables. This creates a delicious and nutritious chicken soup.


What is a whole hen used for?

A whole hen is often used to make homemade chicken soup or broth. Using a whole chicken produces a rich, deep flavor that you don't get from just the meat or bones. In addition, even after a long cooking time, the meat of the hen remains juicy and tender which makes it a delicious addition to the soup.

In addition to soup, hen is also used in other dishes where the chicken is slow-cooked, such as stews or casseroles. After cooking, the meat can be removed from the bones and used in many other dishes, such as chicken pies, chicken noodles, salads and more.

In some cultures, a whole hen is also used in rituals or celebrations. For example, in Jewish culture, a whole chicken is often used to make chicken soup for the Sabbath or other holidays.

Using a whole hen is not only a delicious option for many preparations, but it is also a sustainable choice because almost any part of the chicken can be used, reducing waste.


The quality labels of our whole hen

When it comes to making a hearty and flavorful chicken soup, choosing the right ingredients is essential. At Kipco / Damaco Group, we pride ourselves on offering a top-quality whole hen that guarantees an unparalleled culinary experience. With our commitment to excellence and strict quality control measures, our products carry exceptional quality labels that testify to their superior standards.

Moreover, all our hens are halal certified, assuring our customers of compliance with strict halal standards throughout the production process.