Hen Breast fillet

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Hen breast fillet


Frozen Hen Breast Fillets
A or B Grade
Single or Double
With or Without Skin
Various Brands

Frozen Hen Breast Fillets A or B Grade Single or Double With or Without Skin Various Brands
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    • Frozen -18°C: Expires 12-18 Months after Production Date
    • Suitable for Human Consumption
  • Packaging
    • +/- 10-15-20kg Cartons
    • Variable Weight

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Hen breast fillet

What is a hen breast fillet?

When we talk about hen breast fillet, we are referring to the breast portion of a hen. This piece of meat is usually richer in flavor than the average chicken breast, mainly because it comes from an older chicken. Because of this age, the meat can be a bit tougher at first, but that is exactly why it is so well suited for certain types of dishes.


What is hen breast fillet used for?

This is because the hen breast fillet comes into its own in preparations that require a slow and long cooking time. Think of soups or stews. During this slow preparation, the meat becomes deliciously tender and absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients in the dish well. So, whether you want to make a hearty chicken soup or a rich stew, our hen breast fillet is an excellent choice to give your preparations that extra depth and flavor.


The quality labels of our hen breast fillets

When it comes to making a delicious and healthy soup, the quality of your ingredients is paramount. That's why our hen breast fillets are carefully sourced and labeled to ensure top quality. Our commitment to excellence begins with selecting only the best hens from trusted suppliers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

Our hen breast fillets are halal certified, giving our customers the assurance that strict halal standards are meticulously adhered to throughout the production process.