French fries 7x7mm

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French fries 7x7mm


Frozen Potato French Fries 7x7mm
A, B or Standard Grade
Bistro Belgique Brand 
Damaco Brand

Taste the Damaco Feeling!

Fine Cuisine with Bistro Belgique!

Frozen Potato French Fries 7x7mm A, B or Standard Grade Bistro Belgique Brand Damaco Brand Pico Brand
  • Extra information
    • Frozen -18°C: Expires 18 Months from Production Date
    • Suitable for Human Consumption
  • Packaging
    • +/- 1-2.5kg Polybags
    • Variable Weight
    • Bistro Belgique Packing
    • Damaco Packing
    • Pico Packing 
    French fries 7x7mm packaging Bistro Belgique brand
    damaco french fries packaging kipco damaco group
    French fries 7x7mm packaging Pico brand
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  • Certificates
    • Halal logo

French fries 7x7mm 

What are 7x7mm French fries?  

7x7mm fries, also known as "7x7mm frites" or "7x7mm French fries", are a specific size of French fries. These French fries are cut square, with sides that are each about 7 millimeters long. They are smaller and thinner than traditional thick French fries but slightly thicker than regular thin French fries. 

At Kipco / Damaco Group, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of French fries carefully tailored to our customers' diverse preferences. We have three specific types of fries in our collection: the fine 7x7mm French fries, which offer an ideal balance between crispness and softness; the medium-sized 9x9mm French fries, cut to a perfect thickness for an unbeatable taste experience; and the robust 12x12mm French fries, which offer a heartier bite for those who like a firmer texture. 

What are the 7x7mm French fries used for? 

The popularity of 7x7mm French fries is due to their crispy texture and quick cooking time. They are often offered pre-cooked and frozen, making them easy and quick to prepare in restaurants, fast food chains and other eateries. These French fries are considered an ideal side dish that can be effortlessly combined with different meals. 

7x7mm French fries are perfect for use with sauces and dips, making them beloved by fry lovers from around the world. Whether they are served with classic dips like ketchup and mayonnaise or more challenging flavors, 7x7mm French fries are a great choice for enjoying a variety of sauces. 

In restaurants and catering establishments, the 7x7mm French fries can be served to complement main dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken dishes, and more. Their versatility and easy preparation make them a favorite choice for quick meals and busy eateries. 

With their crispy exterior and deliciously tender interior, 7x7mm French fries are a tasty and appealing option for both adults and children. Whether served in a restaurant, snack bar, or at home as comfort food, these French fries have a timeless appeal that cannot be missed.  

Quality labels of our 7x7mm French fries 

Discover the outstanding quality of our frozen potato French fries in 7x7mm format, with a wide choice of quality labels to meet your specific needs. Choose from A, B or standard quality, so you'll always have the perfect French fries for your culinary creations. 

Moreover, we offer you a wide choice of packaging. Whether you choose the Bistro Belgique packaging, the Damaco packaging or the Pico packaging, you can be confident that the quality of our French fries is unparalleled. Our potato fries are packaged in convenient polybags of approximately 1 to 2,5 kg, with variable weight for easy portion management. We are proud that our 7x7mm French fries are halal certified, making our fries suitable for a wide audience.