Frozen hen products

Frozen hen products have become increasingly popular with consumers looking for convenient and nutritious meals. These frozen hen products offer a wide range of choices, from hen portions to whole hens, catering to different taste preferences.

With over 50 years of experience in the hen industry, we at Kipco / Damaco Group are proud of our status as a world leader in the production of frozen hen products. These years of expertise in the food industry allow us to offer a wide range of frozen hen products to meet your specific requirements and needs. Our range of hen products includes not only whole hens, but also hen wings, hen leg quarters, hen gizzards, hen drumsticks, hen feet, hen breast fillet and hen thigh meat. Whether you are looking for whole hens or other cuts, our experienced team is ready to help you find the right products.

One of the main advantages of frozen hen products is their longer shelf life. By freezing the meat as fresh as possible, we at Kipco / Damaco Group can preserve nutritional value and flavor longer. This means consumers can stock up on their favorite frozen hen products without worrying about spoilage or waste. In addition, the freezing process also helps preserve essential vitamins and minerals in the meat, making it a healthy option for those looking for a balanced diet.


Mechanically separated hen meat

What is mechanically separated hen meat?

Despite any skepticism some people may have about the concept of MSM, it is widely used in the food industry because of its attractive combination of low cost and high yield. The use of mechanically separated hen meat is particularly popular as an ingredient in various foods, including sausages, meatballs, and pâté, because of the fine texture and flavor it offers. Moreover, it serves as a healthier alternative to red meat, as it is lean meat with low fat content and a rich source of protein.


The various applications of mechanically separated hen meat in the food industry

Ondanks eventuele scepsis die sommige mensen mogelijk hebben over het concept van separatorvlees, wordt het veelvuldig toegepast in de voedingsindustrie vanwege de aantrekkelijke combinatie van lage kosten en hoge opbrengst. Het gebruik van soepkipseparatorvlees is bijzonder populair als ingrediënt in diverse voedingsmiddelen, waaronder worstjes, gehaktballen en paté, vanwege de fijne textuur en smaak die het biedt. Bovendien dient het als een gezonder alternatief voor rood vlees, aangezien het mager vlees is met een laag vetgehalte en een rijke bron van eiwitten vormt.


The benefits of mechanically separated hen meat

One of the most significant benefits of mechanically separated hen meat is the significant waste reduction it implies. By using parts of the hen that are normally difficult to remove from the bone, such as the necks and backs, these are transformed into usable meat. This leads to efficient and sustainable food production and helps reduce waste that would otherwise be thrown away.

Moreover, mechanically separated hen meat serves as a precious and versatile ingredient in the culinary world. Because of its fine texture, the meat can be easily mixed with various products, such as sausages, meatballs, pâté, and soups.

In short, mechanically separated hen meat offers numerous benefits to both the food industry and consumers. It contributes to sustainable and efficient food production while functioning as a valuable and multifunctional ingredient that can be integrated into a variety of preparations.